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What's new in the jelly?
By dancinjen, Oct 16, 14 1:54 PM


We are officially recruiting again. Be on the lookout for anyone who would like to join the guild/looking for a guild to join. I will need everyone's help so please just let them know to contact me(dancinjen) and/or bahbiegirl. Thank you everyone!!


Guild Event: Secret Impostoclause!
By Saltoid, Nov 30, 13 3:02 AM

Happy holidays!

Our guild's next event has much to do with the spirit of giving and recieving. It's the guild's first "Secret Impostoclause" event! All you have to do to participate is follow the instructions in the link and either post a reply or sen... Read More

Guild Event: RJP Contest! (and guild project)
By Saltoid, Oct 19, 13 9:50 AM

Rejoice! For on the day of October the 27th, we shall all be waist-deep in delicious jelly!

That's right, this month's contest will take place in the Royal Jelly Palace. For more details, check our events forum!

On the same jiggly note I'd li... Read More

A night at the ITJ guild hall
By Saltoid, Sep 23, 13 3:55 PM

This Sunday, September 29th at 7pm GMT, our guild is having a get-together. What's that you ask? It's a great opportunity for members to spend some time together and take part in activities, mini-games and other jelly shenanigans.Attendance is not mandatory but well worth the effort, and so there's ... Read More

September Update
By Saltoid, Sep 16, 13 5:37 AM

Following multiple requests and a short discussion, we've decided to hold our weekly meetings 2 hours earlier, so that means the new time is Saturday, 7:00pm GMT. Obviously this still doesn't mean it's the most convenient time for everyone, but I'll be posting any important details that were discuss... Read More

Design contest winners & Guild hall update!
By Saltoid, Aug 21, 13 7:47 PM

The guild hall design contest is over and we have our winners! 1st place goes to Bloou! 2nd Place goes to Mukatarasa!3rd place goes to Bahbiegirl! Honorable mentions: Concealrise, Bananacorpse and Xxpapaya! All winners please contact me to get your prizes.

The timing for the end of our conte... Read More

Guild meeting minutes & announcements
By Saltoid, Aug 20, 13 12:43 PM

Hey everybody

As a follow-up to Saturday night's meeting, here are the topics and decisions that were made, plus a few announcements for this week:

The guild hall design contest is almost over. All entries were submitted and are currently under review. I hope that A winner will be an... Read More

Weekly guild meetings and more!
By Saltoid, Aug 12, 13 3:30 PM

Due to popular demand, we're going to start having weekly guild meetings. The first meetup will be this Saturday at 21:00 GMT (for reference, this is the current GMT). During the meeting we'll discuss issues like a better time for these... Read More

Guild rules updated, Design contest extended
By Saltoid, Aug 3, 13 3:03 AM

Due to the recent changes in the game and the recent questions regarding promotions, storage and guild treasury, I have updated our Guild Rules page to include all of those and more.

The recent update also overshadowed our Guild Hall Design Contest, s... Read More

Guild Shadow Lair +1
By Goldenrodd, Jul 23, 13 8:34 PM

Saltoid, Shortnskinny, and I plus Coulou (a friend), just finished an Ice Queen run. It was a well thought out and executed run that was filled unknown danger and unspeakable monsters bent on our destruction

So yes fellow guild mates we do Shadow runs we are not pros but we did have a lot of... Read More

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